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yandere isaac + valentine version

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danieldarkreed-deactivated20130 said: "Hey, Isaac boy. You're the main man down this basement, so I was pretty much saving the best for last. Here, have this kitten. A whole litter of them rained from the sky suddenly." He said, placing a hyperactive, black and white kitten on the floor. "See ya." He said, as Daniel dashed out.

Isaac kneeled down next to the tuxedo kitten. It reminded him so much of Guppy. He was a little sad, remembering all the fun times he had with Guppy, but soon snapped out of it as the kitten tried to play with his hand. 

"…Aaawww…Thanks mister!!" Isaac grinned, playing with the kitten.

”..I think I’ll name ya Guppy II. “

askthefirefox said: Let's leave your fate to the numbers...

20: You’ve been spared a lucky glance, nothing seems to happen to my muse… They are in the clear!!!

"SAFE!….Y-you wanted something bad to happen..didn’t you…"

Anonymous said: Let's leave your fate to the numbers...ohohehrhrhrhihtthr

5: My muse is now over sensitive and will take anything and everything the wrong way. They will be a bumbling mess of emotions and misunderstandings…

"…A-are y-you laughing at..m-me?"

punkaesthetics said: With the power of my url,have a Diner-blaster! The best weapon IN THE ENTIRE WORLD won't even remember how to cry! But be careful with that thing, be very very careful, oh god *go hide*

"Oh…Uh..T-thanks- WOAH" A fly flew right past him which caught him off guard. this making Isaac flail his arms around and shoot tears everywhere…all while accidentally chunking the diner blaster…and having it land in a near by pit.


Leave "Let's leave your fate to the numbers..." In my Inbox!

  • In which you send me in my inbox "Let's leave your fate to the numbers...", and I'll go on a random number generator from numbers 1-20 and whatever number I land on is what's going to happen to my muse! These will only last a day, so why not leave your fate to the numbers?
  • 1: My muse is now married to yours, that or is under the assumption that the two of you are married.
  • 2: Will gain an unnecessary obsession for your muse, whether it be humourous or taking the obsession to another level is up to you...
  • 3: Gender swapped! Your character is now the opposite gender! To add to that they also believe that they've been that gender their whole life!
  • 4: My Muse is now your personal maid/butler!!! Dress them up fancy and they'll listen to any of your muse's orders and they HAVE to obey.
  • 5: My muse is now over sensitive and will take anything and everything the wrong way. They will be a bumbling mess of emotions and misunderstandings...
  • 6: My muse now becomes a flirt, but not just any flirt; the cheesy kind. My muse will start flirting with just about anyone disregarding gender and the like with cheesy pick up lines.
  • 7: My muse will eat a salad, that's it... (Only one Fandom will get this joke...)
  • 8: My muse will become the next Shakespeare! They will draw their voices out with the poet within them!
  • 9: My muse goes blind! Their vision is gone and they can't see anything!!!
  • 10: My muse becomes a matchmaker, they will begin shipping people and doing whatever they can to get their OTP together. That and squeal with joy when they do get together (Just like everyone on Tumblr!)
  • 11: My muse now has the urge to get yours in bed with him. They will do anything they can to get what they want with yours, and they want it badly! (Only one that is deniable due to age restrictions as well as Mun being uncomfortable doing it and please don't go as far as doing rape stuff unless you have the Mun's consent, keep this fun and legal!)
  • 12: My muse becomes a Neko, they will grow ears and a tail and completely disregard their human nature to become a true Neko.
  • 13: Suddenly my Muse is experiencing a horrid disease that's slowly killing them on the inside! The pain is ripping them a part piece by piece!!! There is but only one cure for this and it's for my muse to make lip with yours! Your muse is the only antidote!
  • 14: Well now my Muse has shrunk down back to the size of a five year old and has the mindset of one as well...
  • 15: Lip locking that's all I have to say...
  • 16: My Muse becomes a super Tsundere!!! N-N-Not like I wanted them to be one anyway... Idiot...
  • 17: My Muse now has the personality of a clown, they will try and get everyone to laugh and bring a smile to people's faces! Using comedy of course~!
  • 18: My muse will now become a psychopathic killer that is on the hint for blood! But not just anyone's blood... Your muses blood... They won't be satisfied until your muse takes their last breathe and will destroy anyone that gets in their way
  • 19: Your muse becomes a scaredy cat, anything including even the smallest twitch frightens them. It's like the world is a horror movie to them and they're the main characters
  • 20: You've been spared a lucky glance, nothing seems to happen to my muse... They are in the clear!!!

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((Kinda crappy but oh well..))

Anonymous said: ((we need a head-cannon page WHO'S WITH MEH))

((I…ON IT.))

Anonymous said: Stop the tears Mah BOI! Here *give a tissue* I don't like to see you sad...

"A-Ah…Thanks anon." Isaac took the tissue, keeping it in his hand. "..But I kinda need to keep crying to survive this place…"